Marvin Hagen was born March 1 1942 and grew up on a farm in northwes Iowa. After highschool Marv Aattended The School of Asociated Arts in St Paul Minnesota. Following art school Marv went on to spend 17 years in commercial art.

Marv then changed course and started his own greenhouse growing business in Wisconsin, growing wholesale for retailers. After 34 years Marv retired and turned the business over to his son.

At this point Marv started to aquaint himself with the fine arts by attending workshops at the Scottsdale Art School in Arizona.

Workshop Instructors...

Dick Heichberger: Painting Landscapes, Michael Dudash: Oil Painting Quick Shetch, Susan and Doug Deihl: Design Boot Camp and Color Concept, Perception and Usage, Doug Deihl: Landscape Painting from Start to Finish Creating Atomsphere Space and Light.

Plein Air Workshop with Becky Joy